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If you have purchased a BRANDED product, you are a part of our BRANDED family. We are a collective of abolitionists working together to affect change. Our Collective Voices page is where you can share your voice. We welcome you to register your number and share a message of hope with the survivors who make our cuffs. Or, tell us what freedom means to you and why you believe in The BRANDED Collective. Use your voice and share your message of hope with our BRANDED Family. Thank you and welcome to our Collective!

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Dear PB, You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. I so admire and respect you for making the positive choices for yourself that allowed you to become a free woman. Life is so strange - we never know how we might react in a situation until we experience it for ourselves, and I think most people realize that. You're young, and have your whole life ahead of you - you're a survivor, and you will continue to be. May you have a long, happy and fulfilling future.
Elaine (#33112)
Saint Petersburg, FL
PB: Grateful for my reminder that a precious gift from God has survived the hate of mankind & is working to BE the difference in the world. I already love you💗 shine brightly!!
Trish (#36847)
Franklin, TN
Dear RO, You are fearfully and wonderfully made,your works are beautiful!(Psalm 139:14) I'm wearing the a special Christmas gift from my daughter-Earrings you made! I will cherish them forever. I loved learning about your story. I used to love to watch Wonder Woman on TV as well. I also love the verse in your story of, "If God is with us, then who can be against us". I'm so glad you have a special home now. Thank You for this gift and message of love, sister in Christ
Laura (#38960)
Pigeon Forge, TN
A favorite saying 'Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.'
Carrie (#35831)
River Falls, WI
RO, you are my Wonder Woman role model of courage, strength, survival, hope, and love. I am proud to wear one of the cuffs made by you, and I will share your love and power with others. God bless you and continue to hold you in the palm of His hand. Thank you for all you are and do.
Mary (#34481)
Wilmington, DE
RO- I am humbled by your strength and moved by your testimony. I can't wait to wear the beautiful earrings you made as well as to share the story about the woman behind them. You are an inspiration! Thank you, and God bless you.
Hailey (#38585)
Birmingham, AL
You are so loved and you are a masterpiece!!!
Molly (#38824)
Nashville, TN
Branded jewelry was the one item on my wish list this Christmas and my family came through! I read RO’s story (her initials are on my pieces)and felt such pride to have a tiny part in furthering her mission of aiding her family. God bless everyone who is involved in this cause.
Kathy (#34342)
College station , TX
I love the personal handmade note, made me happy cry on christmas ❤️ thank you so much for the time and energy put in to this, it means the world to me. love you guys and what you stand for 💛
Virginia (#38645)
Emmitsburg , MD
Dearest PB- we share in our adoration of the song "Chain Breaker". Reading your story and your goals demonstrates how courageous you are and that you too are a chain breaker. Jesus has got you...go get em girl! God Bless!
Samantha (#29709)
Flushing, MI
Thank you for the work you're doing every day to bring awareness to the public and hope to women in need. This is an amazing project. To my bracelet maker PB--I hope you achieve all the things on your list of dreams. Yes, YOU can!
Ashley (#33897)
Los Angeles, CA
i recently learned about the human trafficking issue through my church, and ever since i have had a heavy heart for the woman. i always thought it was a thing of the past or that it just want near me. i pray for these woman daily and can not wait until someone asks me about my beautiful bracelet so i can tell them about the sweet lady RO who made it for me. i wish these ladies a life of happiness and knowing that they are enough.
Shelby (#36622)
olathe, KS
My favorite quote is "Be the kind of woman who in the face of adversity continues to embrace life and walk towards the challenge." I am certain this fits you to a T. Thank you for sharing your story.
AJ (#32074)
Lansing, MI
Moving program with lots of heart love and courage.
Beverly (#37337)
Dayton, VA
I am so happy to have recieved a necklace as a gift today. I am humbled by knowing the story behind my necklace. The survivor of my necklace is my hero and my power to remember that there is no struggle to great. God Bless. Thank You.
Stephanie (#37099)
Saint petersburg, FL
Prayers in my heart; action on my wrist. Thank you JS. You are an inspiration.
Tess (#37721)
Savannah, GA
JS you are amazing, you are valuable and you are loved!!
Julia (#37527)
Tacoma, WA, WA
There is hope, joy and beauty in the world. Thanks to you, I can wear a reminder of that every day! Thank you, and keep the faith.
Heidi (#135530)
Brentwood, TN
I am so proud of all of the women who are overcoming all of the abuse in their lives. Go Girls!
Karen (#35819)
Greenville, SC
RO- I absolutely love the jewelry you made me, thank you sweetheart! I also love reading about your dreams and ambitions. You are beautiful, loved and accepted. I will be praying for you. With Love, Trisha Philippians 4:13 & 1 John 4:4
Trisha (#38825)
DeMotte, IN
PB~ I am so proud and encouraged myself by your steadfastness and testimony! God has uniquely gifted you with the gift of mercy to go out and heal as you have been healed. Praying for you dear as your journey continue's. May you bring hope and deliverance to those in need! P.S. I love the cuff you made and am excited to share your story! Much Love, Trisha John 15:4
Trisha (#35018)
DeMotte, IN
I pray this Christmas season is filled with so much peace for you. You are truly with God's help making beauty from ashes and in that bringing hope to others. Merry Christmas
kelly (#33592)
rockford, IL
Stay strong
Bonnie (#24016)
West salem, OH
RO thank you so much for making this beautiful bracelet! Keep staying strong, I am proud of you!
Katarina (#33692)
Carnegie, PA
I wear the i am enough cuff everyday. I love that I am able to help survivors have a sustainable income. To RO I am so happy you have been rescued and now have hope.
Kristin (#36608)
Macomb, MI
Remember you didn’t come this far to come this far
Abby (#38740)
Coppell, TX
I want to salute every one of you women for your courage, your strength and your resilience. I cannot imagine what you have survived but stand in awe of all that you have accomplished! I love my cuff for all that it represents. I love telling people about it, about your brilliant organization and I am honoured to have played even a minuscule role in supporting you. Thank you!!
Nathalie (#28419)
“Let no debt remain outstanding except the continual debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:8 There is no greater joy on this earth than loving others intentionally and unconditionally. I’m so thankful for a ministry that makes it possible to do that. I look at my bracelet made by RO and the number branded and am immediately reminded that while I may not know their specific names, Jesus does. So thankful I can pray for these women specifically
Macey (#31385)
Chattanooga, TN
I just bought my bracelet on Sunday at an art fair in Pittsburgh. I love it and will wear it every day. Thank you RO! Valoree
Valoree (#37726)
Hudson, OH
PB I read your story God bless you. Every time I look down at the bracelet it will remind me of what a strong and amazing person you are.
Jane (#28551)
Pittsburgh, PA
I am a mental health therapist in Pittsburgh, Pa who specializes in treating survivors of human trafficking. I am proud to support this cause.
Ellen (#32265)
Pittsburgh, PA
RO I love my bracelet. As someone who has been through much my heart hurts for your past and takes joy in your future. Be open to trust a new. Be brave when you want to quit. God has very special plans for you my friend. You were made for a great purpose. I'm praying for you. Romans 8:28
Jessica (#33458)
Mcewen, TN
I am inspired by your story I will be praying for you each time I wear the bracelet I bought with your number Keep on keeping on God will be your strength and shield
Christie (#88870)
Murfreesboro, TN
You are brave. You are strong. You are a survivor. The message on this braceland, "Beauty from Darkness," touched my heart and soul. Let your hopes and lightness shape your future.
Jill (#35872)
Nashville, TN
Dearest PB, I absolutely love the beautiful necklace that you made. It was given to me by my son and his family. I have a special heart for women/people who have been victims of ST. I have been a volunteer and mentor in the Atlanta area at a victims safe house. I will continue pray for you to feel the true love of Jesus and the sweet people that he puts in your life. I hope you continue to heal everyday, have a successful, safe and good life💕
Lisa (#37052)
Duluth, GA
Thank you for each of your stories ❤ I plan to wear my unique piece as I also participate in Dressember for the first time this December.
Lisa (#37652)
Elgin, IL
I am so overwhelmed by the work you are all doing. So much good for so many! Your courage and determination are inspirations to all of us.
Kathy (#35926)
Kitty Hawk, NC
Every day is a new day, a wonderful day, a special day. Keep up the good fight. I’m so proud of you!!!
Jill (#35311)
Overland Park, KS
RO, thank you for my lovely bracelet! I'm inspired by your story and strength and am sending you so much love. xoxo
Robin (#33596)
Albuquerque, NM
You are a true inspiration to women everywhere. Thank you.
Maddie (#33183)
Madison, WI
PB-I purchased this bracelet for a friend as a Christmas gift. I just finished reading your story. I am amazed at how God connects the artists (you) and the wearers. My friend is a doctor to women ( a healer)! Oh how you are deeply connected! You are amazing! You ARE a healer!
Marlo (#37950)
Olathe, KS
I purchased 2 bracelets and went to read both of your stories. RO...these are the same initials as my husband! I feel like you were brought right to me. You are loved beyond measure and I cherish your art and work and will use it as a daily reminder! THANK YOU!
Marlo (#37952)
Olathe, KS
As I wear my bracelet, I am reminded what strong brave women accomplish in this world every day. Thank you for being my inspiration!
DeLeigh (#33659)
Rusk, TX
To my beautiful, wonderful, courageous PB! Am wearing your bracelet with pride and am honored to share your story to all who ask ( and even if they don't!) Blessings, peace, and joy! Ruth
Ruth (#32097)
High Point, NC
You are loved.
Bailey (#20232)
Murfreesboro, TN
Thank you - thank you for showing me freedom today. And the hope we have in the Lord. I purchased your cuff bracelet today and I am looking forward to wearing it. So it can remind me of the freedom you have and that we all have when we walk in His steps. I am thanking God for you tonight, whoever you are. What a blessing your hardships have brought - God works through brokenness. I am sorry you went through what you did, but I am thankful for the opportunity to be encouraged by you and others who have gone through similar things as you. If there is anything I can pray for specifically - please let me know.
Sarah Katherine (#34754)
Bowling Green, KY
I absolutely love my necklace and so thankful that I am able to support you through it's purchase. I pray your body and soul you are restored and strengthened. Love 💕
Kelly (#37079)
Alvaton , KY
You are enough.
Erin (#32755)
franklin, TN