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If you have purchased a BRANDED product, you are a part of our BRANDED family. We are a collective of abolitionists working together to affect change. Our Collective Voices page is where you can share your voice. We welcome you to register your number and share a message of hope with the survivors who make our cuffs. Or, tell us what freedom means to you and why you believe in The BRANDED Collective. Use your voice and share your message of hope with our BRANDED Family. Thank you and welcome to our Collective!

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Unique Number Range
I’m a survivor of human trafficking myself and I love the beauty, art and wisdom you are bringing into the world!
Amber (#28803)
Seattle , WA
I’m a survivor of human trafficking who just received some of your beautiful art as a gift. This means so much to me! You are not alone you are loved!
Amber (#28803)
Seattle , WA
Thank you KK. When I wear my cuff I will think of you and how brave you are.
Jill (#41838)
Thank you for the opportunity to learn about your organization and the amazing artisans you employ. As a librarian, I believe words have power and PB’s bracelet that simply states, “I am enough,” is a powerful statement. I am grateful to be wearing PB’s words on my wrist everyday as a reminder that everyone’s stories are interwoven and we, as a people, are only as good as the worst any one of us is experiencing right now. We all need to work to end trafficking and this bracelet is a constant reminder and a chance to share PB’s story, along with so many others, to bring awareness and change. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Robbi (#34078)
Jamestown, IN
Thank you for building a company helping women like PB and RO (survivors who made the pieces I adorn myself with). Thank you for sharing your voice and hope. I’m so grateful you are given this beautiful blessing to live, truly live and to love and be loved, truly loved.
Jennifer (#46264)
Grand prairie, TX
You are a powerful human being. Each day is a new beginning, a new start, a new journey. While each day may not be the best day ever, it is a blessing to see another day. I am so happy that you are here. I wish you all the love, positivity, and success in your life. Keep fighting the good fight and let's change the world together.
Gianna (#46818)
Cape Girardeau, MO
Dear RO thank you so much for my gorgeous 'little by little' cuff. It is a message of inspiration to myself as I commit full time to my art business. I loved reading about you and I could sense who you are and I like you a lot:) Sending you wishes of hope and may your dreams come true x
jo (#35242)
Noosa Heads
You are more precious than rubies or gold! God's people are the chosen. Nothing can separate you from the love of God!
Brandi (#46573)
Blackshear, GA
You are more precious than rubies or gold! God's people are the chosen. Nothing can separate you from the live of God!
Brandi (#46573)
Blackshear, GA
I have always been a fortress Cold secrets deep inside You have secrets, too But you don't have to hide
Nam (#0323)
I stand with you, I hear you and I see you even though I don’t know you. You are loved. KG
Kristen (#46304)
Sault Ste Marie, MI
Never giving up takes courage, dear heart for sure. What a wonderful reminder your cuff is for me to do just that "NEVER GIVE UP"!
Joyce (#45764)
Star, ID
I cried when my friend gave me this bracelet for my birthday. What a treasure to know that we are uplifting the women who have been through Hell and survived. I pray that your journey will reach everyone around the universe. I pray that you will find peace, love and hope. I pray that your life will be filled with friends and family whom uplift and encourage you to strive beyond your wildest dreams. God bless you on your journey.
Karen (#32789)
Meridian , ID
I will pray for you every time I look and see my ring on my thumb. God bless you
Kim (#45805)
Louisville, KY
I just learned about this effort over the weekend while visiting a friend in Nashville and I am telling everyone I know about it. What an amazing way to give these women voices and make a difference. These women are warriors and I am honored to wear one of their pieces and hear their stories.
Sarah (#32186)
Palm Harbor, FL
All women must stick together. I’m so proud of you all.
Julie (#45804)
Louisville , KY
Learned about this from Becca Stevens & Thistle Farms at the Church of the Resurrection Women's Conference.
Stephanie (#40978)
Leawood, KS
PB, when I wear your triangle earrings I feel a unique sense of hope and love. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! Sending you love and joy throughout this new year. XOXO
Elise (#45777)
Nashville, TN
PB, when I wear your earrings I feel a uni
Elise (#45777)
Nashville, TN
I absolutely LOVE my bangle! I will wear it daily and pray for you! Keep on looking up to HIM!
Paige (#46084)
Blackshear , GA
I absolutely love my skinny bangle I got. I love looking down at it and knowing that God has a plan for everyone. I pray over this artist daily. Thank you so much for having the courage to create something so beautiful.
Chloe (#37524)
Almo, KY
The triangle earrings you created are a symbol of so many precious things like the 3 in 1 of God the Father, Son, and Spirit, and of faith, hope, and love. I will think of those things when I wear them.
Kathy (#45522)
Omaha, NE
The necklace you created is so beautiful and unique, just like you! I love it! Do not ever forget that God has a beautiful plan for your life.
Kathy (#45600)
Omaha, NE
M: thank you for making such a beautiful ring and for sharing your story. Your strength and perseverance is inspiring and I wish you much love and many blessings.
Julie (#44006)
New Berlin, WI
I pray for complete healing and restoration that only the Lord can bring you. I pray you become strong and powerful as rescued women who are not forgotten and who are of amazing value and worth. May you find complete peace and joy.
Sheila (#46077)
Hermitage , TN
You are Enough. You were born ENOUGH. Because of this we can learn to: Be, Receive, Give Thanks xoxo
Jenny (#44908)
Mason, OH
'RO'덕분에 이렇게 이쁜반지로 커플링을 할수있어서 감사해요~^^ 이쁜 악세사리를 만큼 이쁜웃음을 지을수있는 날들만 가득하길~이작은 응원이 큰힘이 되길바랍니다♡
yeoni (#45937)
Thank you for making this bracelet, I'll be thinking of your strength every time I wear it. It means a lot that you share your story through this company and empower women throughout the nation. Thank you again for your courage you are more than just a number<3 Love, Emma
Emma (#37748)
Port Jefferson, NY
Giving up ain't an option, I'm not built to collapse, I won't lay down and die.
Berik (#34440)
Madison, WI
Praying for you
Sophie (#14375)
Georgetown , TX
oh, my!! I've read your profile on the site, and you take my breath away. The courage you have is breath taking. You have wonderful goals, and I pray that God will surround you with His love and strength. Be strong, you're going to be the winner here. I'll wear my earrings proudly and share your story.
Leora (#42672)
Nolensville, TN
I proudly wear 3 pieces of jewelry that you have made. You have a talent that just won't quit. My prayer for you is that you stay strong, focused, and you will achieve your goals. You're God's child, rest in His love. Call on Him for the strength you need. You've come so far - I can't imagine the courage it took. YOU'RE AWESOME!!!
Leora (#46038)
Nolensville, TN
God has you in the palm of His hand. You are His special child and He loves you dearly. Thank you for your courage. Continue to be strong. You're loved.
Leora (#37381)
Nolensville, TN
RO, you are special. I love my bracelet, and love you for fighting for your life and dignity. There is no one like you and you fill a special place in the world. Be strong. You've GOT THIS~~
Leora (#31377)
Nolensville, TN
My hope is for an end to human trafficking.
Margaret (#45707)
Nashville, TN
Wishing you peace and hope and joy, you deserve it all. The past is gone, the future is yours to decide.
Rene (#45487)
Never give up!
Rene (#45487)
Trenton, TN
Hello PB, thank you so much for creating my beautiful necklace. Stay strong, let your soul's bright light shine through, be compassionate towards yourself and allow yourself to heal...no one can ever take your dignity away. The best views are after the hardest climbs. Bless you and keep you in the loving energy of our higher power, Alice
Alice (#45134)
San Marcos, CA
Wishing you peace! Though I don’t know you your message gives hope and love to all who read. You are aninspiration to me!
Julie (#31930)
Louisville , KY
You are such an inspiration to so many. I want you to know that you can do whatever your heart desires now. I was a victim of sex trafficking for many years and was able to run away and get help. I went through an extensive work program in a therapeutic environment that completely changed my life. I now can learn to live life day by day. I want you to know that Jesus loves you and so do I. Keep your head up and I will forever wear this bracelet around my wrist and keep you in my prayers. We may not be connected in person but we are connected spiritually. Just know my family and I will be praying for you. Love you Veronica
Veronica (#37555)
Houston, TX
Thank you for my amazing bangle. My husband bought it for me for Christmas. I glad I could help someone by buying it. I can’t wait to add more to my collection. Keep up the amazing work. Thank you
Fiona (#38167)
Norwich Norfolk England
Human trafficking is such a tragic issue. Prayers for hope, peace, and strength to each of you. I received my cuff as a gift after my motorcycle riding group of women did a benefit for the human trafficking survivors in our county. I cherish it and am thankful to have been a part of a group trying to make a difference. You are all amazingly strong.
Machell (#15422)
Groveport, OH
I received my bracelet as a gift from my sister and couldn’t love it more! I plan on giving these as gifts to many of my “sisters” this year. KK made my bracelet and I will pray for her and all of you working each time I wear it.
Jennifer (#40815)
Humboldt, TN
PB, and all survivors, I’m sending you wishes of grace, peace, and continued strength. Thank you for your work and support of others!
Michelle (#33898)
Sending love, strength, blessings, and good vibes.
Melissa (#44268)
West Harrison, IN
Sweet RO, I just want to encourage you today, and remind you that you are being thought about daily and prayed for. Every time I wear my bracelet I get compliments on it. You are so strong and so capable of many things! Have faith in Christ and He'll carry you and never let you go. He is trustworthy. Much love, Amanda Brook
Amanda (#24783)
Coker, AL
Dear RO, My husband purchased a cuff bracelet for me for Christmas. I just read your bio and I want you to know that I will wear it proudly and say a prayer for you every time I look at it. Remember, God IS for you. NONE can be against you. You are a warrior. You are Wonder Woman. Love, Amy
Amy (#34534)
Mount Juliet, TN
I am sure that there is no stronger force on earth than a woman. I love my new Branded bracelet and I’m proud to wear KK’s initials.
Brooke (#42246)
Kearney, NE