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If you have purchased a BRANDED product, you are a part of our BRANDED family. We are a collective of abolitionists working together to affect change. Our Collective Voices page is where you can share your voice. We welcome you to register your number and share a message of hope with the survivors who make our cuffs. Or, tell us what freedom means to you and why you believe in The BRANDED Collective. Use your voice and share your message of hope with our BRANDED Family. Thank you and welcome to our Collective!

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Unique Number Range
I was anticipating the UPS truck all day, waiting for my bracelet. When the truck came up the drive, I about jumped out of my skin, I was so excited. I swiftly came back into the house to open the package, and began to weep, knowing that a precious life was represented by what was held in my hand. KK, I will treasure my bracelet and pray often for you. You are an amazing woman whom I know God will use to help and encourage others. May your every need be met by God in all peace and grace.
Julia (#42199)
Shelton, WA
God is love, and you are deeply loved!
emily (#40376)
Nashville, TN
작지만 큰 힘이 되길 바라요
SE (#45214)
Busan, KOREA
May your journey from this day forth be blessed with peace, harmony and love. I wish for you all these things and more.
Susan (#44363)
Victoria, TX
Wish KK a happy life. KK가 행복한 삶을 살기를 바라며.
Sherry (#45011)
Seoul , KOREA
Today I happened to see a Branded necklace made by KK. As soon as I saw it, I began to cry. My mother, who died from cancer 6 years ago at the age of 60, called me KK when I was a little girl. Seeing the initials on the necklace brought her voice to my mind saying this sweet nickname which I haven't heard in so long. My mother, like KK who made this necklace, overcame tremendous hardship in her younger years. She and I had a very strained relationship for many years because of it, but we grew close in the last years of her life. I am in awe of the artist KK who made this necklace and shared her name with me, a stranger. Because of her creativity and strength of spirit, she shared love with me. She helped me hear my mother's voice in my heart. I pray that she hears love in her heart because of how she touched and inspired me. I'm happy to tell you that I bought the necklace and plan to purchase more to support KK and her sisters who have overcome. Thank you KK from the bottom of my heart.
Kathleen (#43799)
Chatham, IL
You are Strong, You are Brave, You are Amazing!
Nikki (#44234)
Winchester, KY
I'm so happy to help, even in the small way of purchasing a ring. It will provide me the opportunity to tell your story and raise awareness. I am so glad the collective is doing this work to help women. Be strong and confident!
Cora (#44235)
winchester, KY
our Lord is near to the broken hearted and crushed in spirit, he lifts up the lowly and restores their soul. his justice and mercy are infinite. he brings freedom to the captives. thank you
madeleine (#33623)
kerrville, TX
I recieved my triangle earrings today.I love them already. I will wear them to church tomorrow and pray for you KK. I'm hoping your creative hands will give you good memories to replace your nightmares. Remember that I am here to support you. Love, Lucinda
Lucinda (#44872)
Manchester, TN
You are never alone. In every valley there is someone who understands and has endured. Love hasn't run out yet and I don't think it is going to anytime soon. Keep loving and enduring.
Katrina (#33894)
College Station, TX
You are the light in the darkness. Your life brings me hope.
Lisa (#45188)
Madison, AL
I received this necklace as a gift for my birthday. I'm in deep support of the abolishment of human trafficking ....yesterday. The gratitude I feel for having this piece of jewelry is indescribable. I'm so eager to learn more about the beautiful person who poured their energy into it.
Roni (#44047)
Mason, OH
You are worthy, I am worthy, we are all worthy, loved, treasured, not by our goodness or accomplishments or because someone else says so, but rather because our God says so and sent his son to save us all!
Lisa (#44508)
Nashville, TN
I wear your bracelet every day. My soul knows we're walking each other home. Thanks for walking with me.
Patti (#37573)
You are stronger than you realize-- loved and respected more than you know.
Maria (#36362)
Edgerton, MO
저의 작은 보탬이 그들에게 미래에 도움이 되길 바랍니다
jinju (#44639)
Thank you so much for your work. I loved reading about PB. Hope she gets to continue to pursue her dreams and help others find a life of freedom. We are excited to be able to help support this ministry and looking forward to seeing the new pieces released.
Jennifer (#43207)
Murfreesboro, TN
You are AMAZING, courageous and resilient! STAY STRONG!
Cynthia (#4250)
Hamilton, OH
You are Strong, Brave, Loved
Pam (#20731)
New Melle, MO
I'm so proud of you!!! im also glad that you are happy with and encouraged by my messagesa♡♥ i'll always support you. S.KOREA JE.
JE (#43871)
Seoul. KOREA
As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts" Imagine what we can ALL do. Eleanor also said "what could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail". The Branded Team is opening the doors for women. I enjoy telling folks about the organization when they admire my earrings. Walk tall and march on ladies.
jeanie (#40125)
Fayetteville, AR
As soon as I got home after purchasing my bracelet, I just had to know who JS was. When looking at all the bracelets I was drawn to those initials, I truly believe there is a reason! Your personality is similar to mine, we like some of the same things and you message was impacting! Always know that you are being prayed for, everyday!
Melissa (#37898)
Louisville , KY
A personal note to the maker of the piece I own....M. I read your story and was touched to see that you hope to work in a position where you help rehab those who have a traumatic brain injury....inspired by your brother’s traumatic brain injury. I have a similar story in that my brother suffered a traumatic brain injury, nine years ago at the age of 35. Unfortunately, he never got to the place of going through rehab because he passed away after being in a coma for 81 days. But bless you for your ambition to help make a difference in the lives of these people. You are an angel.
Tami (#44033)
Salt Lake City , UT
You do not deserve any of the horror that you have experienced, but you do deserve to live strong, free, and with abundant joy. And I am so happy to support you in that journey to achieve a future that is not overshadowed by your past.
Tami (#44033)
Salt Lake City , UT
I'm so sorry I just realized I could share a message of hope with you. I've had this piece for well over a year now. I absolutely love it and can count on one hand the amount of times I've taken it off. I'm so incredibly thankful for you and I'm thankful for your freedom and your talent. You are loved, You are appreciated, You matter and together we can make a difference.
Adam (#27189)
Clarksville, TN
You are so valuable. In a world that throws some pretty hard curves, you are able to rise to the challenge. I believe in you. You can become exactly the person you were destined to be...against all odds.
Kathy (#44156)
Mt. Juliet, TN
I was so deeply touched by the power and the passion in the mission of Branded Collective. I knew I just had to help and purchase something. I picked a beautiful silver ring stamped by KK. How apropos that when reading KK's story, I learn that she's a spunky southern gal, like I am and I felt an immediate connection. I send much love and good energy to everyone at Branded and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers each day. Continue to do great things and be all the awesome that you are. Thank you for enriching my life.
Katie (#43876)
Clarksville, TN
I now own one piece of jewelry. I never actually owned any before until this bracelet with the serial number 41205. The meaning behind it alone is enough to warrant never taking it off. I hope your work continues to bring you happiness, peace and joy as this bracelet does me when I look at it.
josh (#41205)
clarksville, TN
Stay strong and don’t let what happened to you define you!
Cindy (#44187)
Clarksville, TN
The jewelry is beautiful and I am anxious to hear your story.
Jill (#44194)
Mason, OH
You are ENOUGH! You are IMPORTANT! You are LOVED! KK, Thank you for being SO brave and strong! Although I don't know you, I'm praying for you. Keep shining that light of yours on others in the darkness!
Cassie (#41273)
Nashville, TN
You have inspired and changed me. Thank you for your bravery. You are loved beyond measure.
Caroline (#34531)
College Station, TX
I will wear my jewelry with honor, knowing what you survived. I am grateful for your strength, bravery and commitment to your freedom and that of others! Stay strong! My work in the schools propels me to always be on alert and watchful over our most fragile and vulnerable students Thank you for my cuff of strength!
Shari (#34695)
Madison, WI
You are loved. Always.
Ann (#43715)
Minneapolis , MN
Dear KK, I bought the first two items created by you when I was visiting Nashville, back home in the Netherlands, my 14-year-old daughter was so touched by the Mission of Branded Collective and what my cuff with "I am enough" on it that I decided to order one for her online. I couldn't resist myself, so I also ordered another cuff and a pair of sterling silver earrings. Today the package arrived, just when I am going through a pretty tough time mentally, and it instantly cheered me up because all items were marked KK, just like the necklace and cuff I bought in Nashville. Wearing my jewelry is a constant reminder that I am enough and that I can conquer my struggles and pains just like you are doing. I don't know you personally, but I certainly feel connected to you. Thank you for creating these precious pieces for my daughter and me. They mean a lot to me. Love, Nicolet
Nicolet (#42827)
Hoorn, The Netherlands
Beautiful, gifted, strong, and a fighter are the word I use to describe you. You are amazing, and I am so lucky to own a piece of jewelry made by strong women. Remember to love yourself because NO ONE will love you like you will. I wish you nothing but love and happiness. Ali
Ali (#32241)
I love my new earrings that you created. God has delivered you and loves you very much I hope you can find peace and strength through Christ. I know God is gunna to use you one day to minster to another young lady. Keep on keeping on. Christ’s love, Michele Curtis
Michele (#41021)
Gaylord, MI
“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Maya Angelou
Cherrell (#43213)
Hendersonville , TN
Every survivor I’ve met has been an inspiration to me. The resilience and drive and determination to move forward with life is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen! Keep surviving and I will keep fighting for your freedom!!
Kelli (#32828)
Cookeville , TN
I love what you guys are doing. I love my new earrings by KK. I was unaware until a few months ago that there was human trafficking going on here in Nashville. For young girls and boys everywhere, remember to stay true to who you are.
Riv (#43650)
Nashville, TN
Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact!
Cindy (#41981)
Rockvale, TN
The bracelet you made was given to me by a dear friend and sister in Christ, which makes it doubly special to me. I pray that you are secure in knowing Christ Jesus, who is making ALL things (and EACH of us!) new. May the story that He writes upon your life assure you of His love and care for YOU.
AllyeB (#35083)
Staunton , VA
You are enough and you belong
Nicolet (#41991)
Hoorn, The Netherlands
I absolutely love my earrings! I feel courage and strength when I wear them & solidarity with my sisters who rise above any obstacles (as obstacles are just roadblocks that lead us to our true path). KK are the same initials as my sweet baby niece who I will watch grow to be independent, creative, and strong and she will also be a positive change in the world! May the long time sun shine upon you May all love surround you And the pure light within you Guide you on your way
Renee (#42587)
Murphy , NC
RO- I thank God for your life and for rescuing you from slavery. I pray that Christ would fill your new life with joy and the riches of His glory and peace. <3
Amanda (#29556)
Oxford, ME
BP - I admire your strength and love your work!
Natalie (#41965)
Olmstead, KY
PB, I love that you will never give up. I pray that all your dreams come true. You are "more precious than pearls" (Proverbs 3:15). I wear this bracelet in honor of you.
Edy (#38250)
Clarksville, TN