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If you have purchased a BRANDED product, you are a part of our BRANDED family. We are a collective of abolitionists working together to affect change. Our Collective Voices page is where you can share your voice. We welcome you to register your number and share a message of hope with the survivors who make our cuffs. Or, tell us what freedom means to you and why you believe in The BRANDED Collective. Use your voice and share your message of hope with our BRANDED Family. Thank you and welcome to our Collective!

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Unique Number Range
I’m so thankful that you are a survivor and for touching my heart.
Angel (#36894)
Lindenwold, NJ
I love your triangular earrings! My daughters and I were so excited to see the Branded booth at a festival in Nashville! I purchased a piece for all 3 of us because I believe that all women have value and need to be set free to do what they have been created to do!! I wish I could end trafficking today, but thanks to you, I can at least spread awareness and show support for you. We love you PB, as does our Lord Jesus, and I will think of you every time I wear this piece. You matter! Walk in freedom! Please keep inspiring us with your bravery and beautiful pieces!!
Katie (#40919)
Nashville, TN
I love your piece! My daughters were so excited to see the Branded booth at a festival in Nashville! I purchased a piece for all 3 of us because I believe that all women have value and need to be set free to do what they have been created to do!! I wish I could end trafficking today, but thanks to you, I can at least spread awareness and show support for you. We love you PB, as does our Lord Jesus, and my daughter Sophia will think of you every time she wears this piece.
Katie (#38244)
Nashville, TN
I love your piece! My daughters were so excited to see the Branded booth at a festival in Nashville! I purchased a piece for all 3 of us because I believe that all women have value and need to be set free to do what they have been created to do!! I wish I could end trafficking today, but thanks to you, I can at least spread awareness and show support for you. We love you RO, as does our Lord Jesus, and my daughter Celestine will think of you when she wears this piece.
Katie (#38073)
Nashville, TN
The amount of beauty you bring to the world is astounding, thank you for being shining examples of what it means to be hopeful, joyful, and resilient. Rock on ladies!
Nicole (#34687)
Madison, WI
I proudly wear my beautiful cuff everyday and feel blessed to have some connection with such a strong lady. I too have a daughter and the same interests as JS! Have courage and determination to do what you want with your life and stay strong and free x
Krystyna (#35804)
York -UK
I am so proud of all of you strong, brave individuals. Many blessings to all of you.
Pamela (#39724)
“You are brave, even in the most subtle ways, and you may not always feel like the fire that you are, but you will shine on anyway.”
Amy (#40517)
Jacksonville, FL
I have a cuff bracelet made by RO. I don't know her particular story, however, the bracelet reminds me to pray for her and other survivors. Thank you for being so brave and for shedding light on this epidemic.
Amy (#33656)
Viera, FL
Hello, RO! I hope every day is a new and beautiful experience for you. God bless you and all your work! Love, Mary
Mary (#34481)
Always remember that God loves you and will always be with you. Never let anyone tell you that you are not special and loved!
Robin (#28565)
Coshocton, OH
I've been touched today by purchasing these earrings for my sister. I pray you have strength to heal and become who you really are. I know my sister were these earrings and pray for you also. Love Judi
judi (#89208)
Pittsburgh, PA
PB, Just as the band you made reminds me every day that I Am Enough, I want to tell you that You Are Enough - exactly as you are :) You are beautiful, precious, and invaluable. Thank you for choosing to share your courage, strength, and hope with countless other women. With love, Joelle & Geoffrey
Joelle (#40237)
Boston, MA
You are worthy.
Erika (#29436)
Henderson, NV
You matter. Your heart matters. Your thoughts matter. Your hopes and dreams matter. You are wonderfully, and beautifully made. You were made for a beautiful purpose, as beautiful and radiant as you.
Razlyn (#36318)
Nolensville , TN
I am so grateful and honored to take part in this movement with BRANDED Collective and all survivors. You all are the true heroes.
Morgan (#40427)
West Chester, OH
PB Your Chain Breaker loves YOU so much and has an amazing future in store just for you Give your son a big hug and have a Happy Mother'sDay
Carol (#37117)
Brookville, OH
I stumbled across this bracelet in a boutique on my lunch break. I just read the card while standing there and was so touched that I bought more than one. This is truly an amazing thing.
Kayleigh (#40078)
Anderson, SC
Love my beautiful bracelet! May God bless you all.
Theresa Dodd (#33865)
Riverview, MI
This message is for PB. I bought this bracelet because it was my style. I did not understand the meaning of it until I opened the box and there was a card inside with the description of this company. What a creative way to give survivors a craft and a voice. Thank you for making my bracelet. I read your story and I now wear it with the knowledge that a strong woman created it with the strength that she has through Christ and her courage to get through a horrific situation. One of my favorite songs is "Chain Breaker" as well. I am a stay at home mom now but I was a social worker. I am praying for you that you achieve your dreams of becoming who you want to be and who God wants you to be.
Sarah Jane (#24432)
I was in a tiny store in Nashville when I first discovered your brand. And I have to say that I instantly fell in love with the jewellery and the meaning behind each bracelet. These women are incredible survivors who's stories should never be forgotten. I have the initials RO on my bracelet and I will wear it everyday and share her story so that her voice and story is never forgotten. Thank you for your beautiful company. We need more people like you in this world.
Nikki (#-329486)
Nashville, TN
Today I was introduced to Branded Collective. Wow! What an AMAZING company! I purchased a beautiful bracelet with the quote “little by little” hand stamped on it by RO. I absolutely love the quote as I’m sure climbing out of a horrendous time of darkness you must take every positive step to overcome “little by little.” To RO and all the other beautiful ones designing jewelry, your life has a meaning and purpose. You are a shining light of Hope to others, especially those in the depths of similar situations. When I wear my bracelet I will share the purpose of the design in a joint effort to make others aware of trafficking. It’s not only a problem internationally but one that’s here in our very on backyard. My prayer for you is that God will continue to work in your life by healing the brokenness and opening your eyes to his great love and works. You are not alone, ever! “and the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7 ❤️
Wendy (#33993)
Gallatin, TN
I pray that everyone of you will grow in your knowledge of Gods love for you. That He would give you understanding of how long and high, wide and great is His love is for you. In Jesus’s name Amen
Connie (#37541)
Manassas, VA
I shared this on social media today ....Feeling compelled to share this....I purchased this necklace because it was so beautiful on display at a little boutique. I didn’t buy it because of it’s story but it has one...the necklaces are made by women who have escaped from sex trafficking. It is beautiful, and I’m sure the person who made it is beautiful but there is much more to her and to her story behind her beauty. This necklace has her “brand” id on it and her initials...( I’m pretty sure I have the details correct but correct me if I’m wrong ).... this necklace. Every time I wear it I get compliments on it and share the story but every time I wear it, like most long layered necklaces, it gets so tangled throughout the day. I am forced to focus on it several times every day I wear it and Today..it is so tangled ( even though it was hanging up) and I spent the last 20 minutes trying to untangle it, I just gave up. My point? Because of the constant untangling it requires, I am forced to slow down, forced to think about the hands that made it and what this person went through....it helps keep things in perspective and we all need that sometimes. So today, I have to just resign myself to the fact I cannot wear it to add “beauty” to my outfit but it definitely added gratefulness and beauty to my morning .... PB is the initial on my necklace
Christie (#28129)
Medina , TN
RO--You are such an inspiration! I see a lot of myself in the little bit that I was able to learn about you! I too LOVE pizza, Wonder Woman, and singing for anyone that will listen. I am so thankful that you were able to be freed from the trauma that you have endured. For that-- you are a warrior and I am so proud of you, your will to live, and your will to rise above all that is behind you. I wish you nothing but success and love in your future. It sure is a beautiful one and you and the light that you bring to the world just make it brighter. I am honored to wear the cuff with your initials on it every single day. This is a beautiful reminder of how strong women are and how amazing YOU are! Enjoy Nashville as it is one of my favorite places (I love to go to the karaoke bars and sing.) Keep pushing and being the light that you are. Much love and success. -Morgan
Morgan (#37407)
Anderson, SC
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
Desiree (#838008)
Dothan , AL
Your journey has only just begun,, your beautiful soul extruds from your work. Thank you so much for birthday bracelet,, it is AMAZING,, just like you.
Donna (#40028)
Boonville, IN
PB, Thank you for my beautiful necklace. "Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive." You are strong and beautiful! God loves you!
Lindsay (#40169)
Mt Holly, NC
Hi JS, Thank you for the lovely cuff bracelet. You are worthy of a beautiful life!
Deb (#36305)
Dacula, GA
It's an honor to wear this bracelet in your name. Peace and love to you.
Anne (#37397)
North Chesterfield, VA
Always remember you are unique from your experiences and brave beyond measure: you are important.
Lynn (#31729)
Kernersville, NC
I was gifted my bracelet by someone very new but now very dear to my heart. As she gave it to me she said "sister to sister to sister". I am overwhelmed with love and hope that this organization exists and I feel SO LUCKY and proud to wear my bracelet every day. I look down and think about PB and send her a little piece of my heart every time. I hope she feels it. Stay brave, stay open, stay strong. You are not alone. Thank you Branded. Naomi
Naomi (#39575)
Burbank, CA
YOU are precious. You are loved. You have been redeemed. I am proud to wear my bracelet, and declare freedom together.
Anna (#32253)
Coshocton , OH
You matter! Keep on going one day at a time.
Tri (#37824)
Hermitage, TN
Thank you, PB, for stamping my bracelet and lending your hand to helping everyone understand your story. Strength like yours is what will turn the tide against trafficking.
Chelsea (#27777)
Wilmington, NC
Sending peace and prayers to all of the strong survivors and their families. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this collective.
Heather (#16971)
Edgerton, WI
you are not alone as many people are in your side. cheer up! 힘을 내요 ~~ 당신들을 응원합니다!
choi (#21220)
Seoul. KOREA
Keep doing amazing things. You are worthy.
Jackie (#39983)
Nashville, TN
아름다운 커프를 만들어 주신 RO에게 감사해요. 서울에서 당신이 만든 팔찌를 만날수 있어서
JY. KIM (#23003)
be happy . be bright. be you. RO에게....♥
eunsoo (#22585)
우리의 작은 응원이 그들에게 큰 힘이 되길 바랍니다! 💕 그들이 밝은 웃음을 지킬 수 있도록 함께해주세요.
비마켓♥ (#22111)
서울 대한민국
PB, I ordered my beautiful earrings online and received a sweet sweet notes from you, RO, Em, Lauren & Laurel! I love my earrings and I love your note! I can sense your optimism and pride! God is blessing you where you are today, and how you are touching all of our hearts! I love you all! Jeremiah 29:11❤️
Debbie (#39966)
Murfreesboro, TN
RO, Your strength, courage, and perseverance is a blessing from God, and so are you! I’m so thankful God has you where you are today! I love my necklace you made me and I wear it with pride, and I share your story. God loves you! I love you! You are beautiful inside and out❣️ Romans 8:28❤️
Debbie (#39934)
Murfreesboro, TN
“Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.” Pope John XXIII I love the earrings! So beautiful ❤️
Leslie (#39467)
Ashland City , TN
Thank you for making this beautiful piece. Thank you for your words and work. I'm inspired by you and your journey.
Jessica (#39032)
Knoxville, TN
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt Keep your head up, Warriors.
Chrissy (#28847)
Fayetteville , NC
그녀들의 희망이 우리를 움직입니다. 아름다운 일에 동참할 수 있어서 감사합니다. BRANDED COLLECTIVE에 박수를!
김선아 (#22164)
Not only do I get to hear stories of these AMAZING women but I got a BEAUTIFUL hand made necklace too. This necklace is a daily reminder of how truly blessed I am in my circumstances and a reminder that there is such a great need for others.
Taylor (#3923)
murfreesboro, TN